Bryan: XplorMor Logistics, Equipment and Operations. Aspiring Videographer.

Kayak Excursion on Mono Lake XplorMor Inc

Bryan is not only the XplorMor Logistics, Equipment and Operations Manager, but he is also a world explorer, writer, and aspiring videographer. His travels have taken him throughout Central and South America from the Andes mountains of Peru to the Amazon region of Bolivia, and from the Jungles of Darien, Panama to El Calafate, Argentina. He has been swimming in Lake Titicaca (Andes Mountains) and the Rio Negro (Amazon region).

Bryan’s Xplorer Journals will range from kit descriptions to trail information, and from animals and their tracks to people passing by a street side cafe where he is refueling.

Bryan’s Latest Xplorer Journals:

  • Big Cypress Volunteer Work Party 2015, Bryan’s Kit

    Big Cypress Volunteer Trail Maintenance Work Party began on February 6, 2015 at the Florida Trail (FT) trailhead off Tamiami Trail Road at Big Cypress National Preserve Headquarters in south Florida. By the next Friday, February 13th, the work party had cleared and re-blazed roughly 8.5 to 9 miles of trail to the north and […]
  • Somewhere in the Wild West of the Middle East

    I walk back to my current assigned “home” across the FOB (aka Forward Operating Base). It is a windy night. The wind is steady and strangely cold for the Middle East. Oddly the dust that so frequently accompanies its friend, the middle eastern wind, remains settled on the ground beneath my boots. Silence pervades and is only interrupted...
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  • Preparing for the Darien Gap in Panama (part 2)…

    Darien National Park XplorMor Inc
    My jungle adventure begins this Friday, March 1st. I have finished my battery of vaccinations. The Typhoid was by far the most impressive, and I do not mean that in a good way. My doctor has informed me (again) that the only vaccination I have not received to date is Japanese Encephalitis, which should not be a problem on this trip...
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  • Preparing for the Darien Gap in Panama

    XplorMor Studio Copyright © XplorMor Studio [Darien;Darien Gap;Darien jungle;Embera;Embera Indian;Panama;The Darien Gap;XplorMor;XplorMor Studio;dugout canoe;exploration;explore;hammock;hike;hut;jungle;jungle village;petroglyphs;river;trail;trekking;village]
    I recently (over a month or so ago) began both physical and logistical preparations for my Darien Gap jungle adventure in Panama. The physical comes in two parts: conditioning and inoculation. The conditioning is in large part brisk walking, some jogging and weight lifting. The walking is...
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  • Santiago, Chile: One Dessert, Three Meals and a Few Thoughts

    From thoughts written on paper napkins... So far, everyone here in Santiago speaks to me in Spanish (go figure, right?), not like those South Floridian Cubans who pick me off as a gringo in seconds and only speak to me in English. Here they...
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From Bryan’s Photo Archives: