Past Expeditions

From scientific studies in Cuba to trekking dense jungles in Panama to hiking rugged terrain in the Sierra Nevadas Mountains of the western United States to exploring the biodiversity of the Everglades and history in Colonial America to traversing glaciers in Alaska, XplorMor World Expeditions are wonderfully challenging and promote the appreciation and preservation of our planet. These global explorations brought exceptional rewards for the teams, our photographs, documentation, Xplorer Journals and our XplorMor Community. We welcome your inquiries, comments, expedition photos and story-sharing… and your participation in future expeditions!

Lundy Falls (person for height) XplorMor Inc
Kayak Excursion on Mono Lake XplorMor Inc
Fossil Falls XplorMor Inc
Bocas with the French XplorMor Inc

Past Expeditions

Xplor Cuba

  • Cuba Entomology Research Expedition
  • XplorMor Team coordinated and participated in two expeditions to Cuba. The first was scientific in nature, focusing on Cuban entomology, and the second to document cultural heritage sites across the islands. For the scientific exploration and documentation, XplorMor Team joined with professors from the Biology Department at the University of Georgia and professors of the Biology Department at the University of Havana in Havana, Cuba. XplorMor Team coordinated all logistics for both expeditions. If you would like to read, contribute data or add findings and photographs to your own publication, please contact XplorMor.

Xplor Panama

  • Darien Archaeological and Terrain ExpeditionDarien Province, Panama
  • Explore the Darien Jungle to search for lost petroglyphs (ancient rock engravings), visit Embera Indian villages and route a new trail
    • Trek across the remotest area of the Darien Gap in search of the mysterious Yarre Mongara, or “Monkey Stone”
    • Explore La Palma, capital of the Darien Province
    • Discover Playa de Muerto, or in English, Beach of the Dead
    • Boat to Chiman, a small remote port town
  • Panama City: Document World Heritage Sites, including Panama Viejo, the original capital of the country, and Casco Viejo, in English Historic Town
  • Bocas del Toro: Explore Bocas del Toro town, Isla Colon and expedition to Bastimentos National Marine Park, including Cayos Zapatillos
  • Boquete: Visit a coffee plantation for writing article on the process of seed to cup, tour downtown and local trails through cloud-forested mountains

Xplor California

Exploring America’s Eastern Coast

  • Explore historical U.S. towns in prep for expedition of Colonial America
  • Travel across Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia in search of and to document historic and archaeological sites, monuments, and National and State Parks

Xplor Florida

Xplor Alaska

Xplor Inyo National Forest (part of Xplor California series):

Xplor Colonial America

Darien National Park XplorMor Inc
J. Dickinson State Park XplorMor Inc
Mendenhall Glacier Trek XplorMor Inc
Historic Jamwestowne, Virginia, USA by XplorMOr XplorMor Inc

Xplor Big Sur & California Central Coast

East Coast Expeditions

  • Conclude exploring Colonial America
  • Explore Washington D.C. for documenting and submitting itinerary on America’s Capital
  • Hike Blue Ridge Mountains (Appalachian Trail) in Georgia for winter photography opportunity

National Parks in California, USA

salt creek, death valley national park, california, usa, national park, desert, river, fish, unusual scenery, scenic, vista point
Badwater in Death Valley National Park, California by XplorMor XplorMor Inc
XplorMor Studio
Artist Drive XplorMor Inc