Glacier Lodge at Big Pine

Accommodations are not usually included on this site; however, Glacier Lodge is not just a place to stay, but an experience that deserves mention.

The lodge is located in a fairly remote location, yet easily accessed by paved road after the spring thaw until autumn colors fade and the road closes for the season. Heading north on the 395 through Big Pine, California, turn left onto West Crocker Street (between the Mobil and Shell Gas stations). After the Big Pine Cemetery, Crocker turns into Glacier Lodge Road which winds about 10 miles up into Big Pine Canyon. The drive is slow due to bends and steep drop-offs; allow at least 30 minutes. It’s also a good idea to plan your arrival during daylight as once the sun goes down this canyon is pitch black.

The historic mountain retreat, known as “Jewel of the Sierra”, was built almost a century ago along Big Pine Creek at the terminus of Glacier Lodge Road. Nestled at 8,000 feet next to Inyo National Forest, the lodge is a gateway into the high Sierra Nevada back country, including Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail. Its small collection of quaint, rustic wood cabins offers a respite from our bustling world. Visit the Glacier Lodge website for current details about the cabins, amenities and location. (Side note: These accommodations remind me of the old, not so well insulated but filled with charm, cabin in Auke Bay, Alaska. In the colder months, the water must be left running so the pipes do not freeze, and floor boards creek, and high powered appliances like hair dryers cannot be used or the power is blown. But, you look out the window and your eyes are filled with amazement at the scene beyond of soaring mountains and untamed wilderness. Take a step outside and breathe in that fresh air!)

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Inspired? Contact us for a future expedition. No project is too big or too small… we enjoy them all! It’s about getting out there and appreciating our world and feeling the impact on our spirit from exposure to the magnificent world around us.  

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Expedition Dates: October 2013, October 2014, June 2016.

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