XplorMor Calendar 2018 – in the works

XplorMor will offer a selection of calendars for 2018 to encourage exploration and getting out there, and sharing travel experiences through photography. Each calendar will have its own focus, including Temples of Southeast Asia, Exploring Angkor, Journeying to World Heritage Sites, For the Love of Insects, and other XplorMor Community Photo Projects. The calendars will be 12 month, starting January, and are spiral bound. Pre-orders and custom orders are available, please contact us to place your orders.

XplorMor Calendar 2015 – 2017 – out of print

XplorMor offered a selection of calendars including The Natural World of Cuba, United States National Parks, Hiking Trails of America, Colonial America, Canada’s Waterton, Sunsets, and The Unexpected Florida. These publications aim to promote exploration, photography and getting out in our amazing world. The calendars are 12 month, starting January, and spiral bound.

Here’s a peek at photos taken on our Cuban scientific and cultural expeditions… 

Zapata Insects Julia Thomsen
Vinales Insects Julia Thomsen
Vinales Insects Julia Thomsen
Zapata Insects Julia Thomsen

Samplings from our 2015 publication run… 

XplorMor Calendar 2014 – out of print

Calendar 2014 continues in the tradition of promoting our motto: Travel. Photograph. Get Out There. The calendar includes photography captured on XplorMor Photo Expeditions through California, from colorful sunsets on the beach to kayaking around the spectacular Tufa rock formations of Mono Lake, to hiking trails throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in Inyo National Forest, and more. This 2014 calendar is 12 month, starting January, and is spiral bound.

XplorMor Calendar 2013 – out of print

Our 2013 calendar aims to promote the idea of travelling, photographing and getting out in the world to explore more. The calendar includes photographs captured on XplorMor Photo Expeditions, from snowy mountains in Tongass National Park, Alaska to the warm beaches of California to Los Padres National Forest behind the Ojai Valley. There’s colorful sunsets, misty mountains, clear blue lakes, and more. This 2013 calendar is 12 month, starting January, and spiral bound.