Project Earth Air Fire

Project Earth Air Fire took place on the September Equinox, which happened between September 22-23, 2014, depending on the participant’s location. Participants shared photos capturing earth, air and/or fire in order to highlight these critical elements of our planet on a single day as seen through their unique perspectives, and to promote getting out there and coming together to share a global experience through photography.

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Boquete, Panama XplorMor Inc
Dinner Island Wildlife Refuge, Florida XplorMor Inc
Big Sur Expedition - Jan 2014 XplorMor Inc
Big Sur Expedition - Jan 2014 XplorMor Inc

Information about Project Earth Air Fire:

The goal of Project Earth Air Fire is for participants to take and post photos of earth, air and/or fire on the September Equinox. The idea is to capture these elements of our planet on a single day, to share our creativity through a common experience, to see other parts of the world, and to watch the effects unfold. It’s about coming together as one community and sharing our experiences no matter our differences.

Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to be in the image, that’s your choice!

If the weather is bad add some innovation from inside your home or wherever you may be that day.

Post photos directly onto the Project Earth Air Fire event page. If there is a problem posting to the event page, post on the main XplorMor Community Facebook page in the general posting area as shown in the screen shot below. Note: After the event, photos/posts will be moved to the Project Earth Air Fire album on the XplorMor Community Facebook page and added to a gallery on the XplorMor website.

Information to include with your photo post:

  1. Description of subject photo; for example, “me standing on a windy shore” or “flags blowing in the wind”, or “campfire in the mountains”, or “earthen stove where we cook bread”, etc.
  2. Location photo taken, including city and country.
  3. Title of image (if applicable).
  4. Any other information you would like to share.

To find your local time for the September Equinox click here.

For frequently asked questions, rules and other notes visit FAQs.

Big Sur Expedition - Jan 2014 XplorMor Inc
Fossil Falls XplorMor Inc
Big Sur Expedition - Jan 2014 XplorMor Inc
Project H2O XplorMor

Inspired? Contact us for a future expedition or project. No project is too big or too small… we enjoy them all! It’s about getting out there and appreciating our world and feeling the impact on our spirit from exposure to the magnificent world around us.