What is XplorMor? What are XplorMor World Expeditions?

XplorMor is an intention to promote exploration and appreciation of our world. Our mission is to inspire the global community to travel over our dynamic planet, to seek out opportunities to preserve and conserve its wonders, to build fellowship between cultures, and to share the journey through projects with a societal benefit and outstanding universal value. XplorMor International, a recognized 501(c)(3), organizes, participates and supports philanthropic fundraising campaigns along with scientific, archaeological and cultural fieldwork expeditions in the United States and around the World.

Motto: Travel. Explore. Discover. Photograph. Get out There. Share!

Let’s come together and light up their Lives!

Something truly exciting is happening… the first project & fundraiser from newly founded non-profit: XplorMor International Inc… Funds raised will be used for our Solar Project at the school in Run Ta-Ek Eco Village situated outside Siem Reap, Cambodia. The Eco Village is one of the first all solar homestay projects in Cambodia. 

Run Ta-Ek Eco Village is a partnership between the APSARA National Authority (Cambodia’s Authority for the Protection of the Site and Management of the Region of Angkor) and the Khmer people living around and inside Cambodia’s Angkor Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The focus is on eco-tourism, creating jobs, education and a sustainable future for the villagers that live at Run Ta-Ek. Currently, over 100 families have been given homes and lands by APSARA Authority. These families have children in need of education. A school was built within the 1,000 hectare community grounds to meet this important need, however it lacks certain necessities such as electrical power. This campaign aims to raise the funding required for installation of solar panels, lighting, and fans. The goal is to make the school sustainable, comfortable and productive for the children’s education, and to pave the way for future advancements like computers.

Run Ta-Ek Eco Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Julia Thomsen XplorMor Inc.

XplorMor World Expeditions are explorations in search of scientific, natural and cultural discovery, and adventure. The journeys offer unique story for documentary material, publications, prints and lecture. Remarkable photo opps abound in these remote locations.

Xplorer Journals allow XplorMor Team and guest writers to share their experiences through narrative story-telling, documentary writing, and stunning photography. Journals offer captivating, firsthand accounts from XplorMor World Expeditions that cover our amazing planet.

XplorMor Worldwide Group Photography Projects are focused on building community and fellowship, and sharing vision, story and experience through all Peoples – 100 countries and counting! The goal is to promote getting out there and to share a positive global experience through photography.

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XplorMor Online Gallery Store is under renovation; however, web and print ready images are available. Look to order new cultural, landscape, nature, and wildlife photographs later this year. Our unique wall art will be available in various print formats, including canvas, silk and metal. Contact us for orders.

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Intrepid, loving-life explorers, adventurers, photographers, photojournalists, leaders who wish to share their journeys and inspire others to discover the amazing destinations encompassing our planet. Read their journals from XplorMor World Expeditions and discover their extraordinary XplorMor photography moments…

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XplorMor and XplorMor International Non-Profit are looking for enthusiastic contributors and volunteers wishing to support and grow XplorMor World Expeditions, Projects & Fundraisers, especially in the areas of science, archaeology and cultural heritage. We’d also love to share your exploration journals and photos to our community. Get in touch!