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Thank you for your interest in XplorMor Inc and XplorMor International, a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please use the contact form to submit your inquiry or comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Expeditions & Non-Profit Projects

Organizations: XplorMor International will organize and support your scientific, archaeological or cultural fieldwork expeditions world wide. Our Team will provide complete logistical support. This includes expedition itineraries, travel plans, targeting goals, contact with U.S. and foreign government officials, and initiating discussion with institutions of higher learning and research (i.e. universities and academies of science, research institutes). Fundraising, language services, transportation and guides will also be provided as requested.

Fundraising projects: XplorMor International Inc is a United States 501(c)3 non-profit focused on projects with a societal benefit and outstanding universal value.

Individuals and Groups: XplorMor Team is ready to organize your once in a life time bespoke expedition, including coordinating all logistics before and during the adventure.

We are also avid photojournalists, producing assignments such as scientific, cultural, archaeological and exploration articles, travel itineraries, international maps and other publications. Please use the contact form to submit your proposal.

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Photographic Prints, Digital Reproductions & Editorial Copy

XplorMor photography covers landscapes, wildlife, Peoples, monuments, and sites across the globe. Our aim is to promote the preservation of our planet, human cultures, and scientific and natural heritage through photography and written documentation. To date, our photographs and collected data have been used for non-profit fundraisers and projects, along with international map publications, journal articles, travel guides, ebooks, calendars and photographic archives including several supporting UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Last year XplorMor traversed the Republic of Cuba to aid Biologists from the University of Georgia and Professors from the University of Havana with documenting Cuban insects. Currently our team is exploring and photographing World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia. We wish to inspire others from around the globe to get out there, photograph, explore more and share!

Photographs may be ordered web ready, print ready and in fine print format with or without mats and frames, and as canvas or metal wall art.* Create a unique art piece to fill your world. Additionally, we are happy to discuss purchase or donation of XplorMor photographs, fieldwork research and articles for your projects and publications. Please use the contact form to submit your inquiry, include the title or description if applicable.

*Please note the online Gallery Store is under renovation. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Worldwide XplorMor Community Photography Projects

XplorMor Worldwide Group Photography Projects are focused to promote participants to get out there and share a global experience through photography. These are a labor of love, and volunteers are welcome to help us organize and promote. Any participant who has a Facebook account is welcome to join. To date there are 90+ countries represented. Please use the contact form below for questions or to submit your photo, include title, location, description and your name as you would like it displayed, and for which project you are submitting. Project Foto Share remains open for posting along with the XplorMor Community page on Facebook. Look for the next photo project in 2018. (Your theme ideas are always welcome! Contact us.)

XplorMor Calendar & Other Offerings

XplorMor Calendar is typically available for purchase from September of each year; however, as some years we are abroad, calendars may not be issued. The calendar is 12-month (beginning with January), spiral bound and includes photography captured on XplorMor Expeditions. Inquiries for custom calendars and donations are welcome. Please use the contact form to submit your inquiry.

XplorMor International is also excited to brainstorm and provide other requested products and services for your projects. Previously, for example, XplorMor produced postcards for a correspondence project with young adults, and framed canvas artwork to donate for raising funds to benefit cancer research.


Discover more about XplorMor Expeditions and Xplorer Journals, take a tour of worldwide community photo Projects, and contact us to order exceptional customizable photo-artwork. Enrich, explore and evolve in your world.

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