Xplor Alaska

XplorMor Alaska Photographic and Terrain Expedition focuses on the land-locked frontier around Juneau, the capital of Alaska, USA. This mountainous area offers exceptional opportunities to stretch your photography skills and your legs in a pristine wilderness. The expedition follows trails through forests, over mountains and glaciers, into ice caves and along sandy shores. There is also the opportunity for float plane and helicopter adventures into the Alaskan outback, including the Juneau Ice Field.

Alaska is gorgeous year round, living up to its nickname as The Last Great Frontier; however, many sights and trails are only easily accessed during the late Spring through Summer months. Fall signals cooler weather leading to Winter’s dense snow. The land is coated a glistening powdery white, offering an entirely new and equally stunning landscape. This frozen terrain is more difficult to navigate and traverse but the journey often provides rewards that outweigh the destination.

The aim is to make these pages informative and inspiring so you get out there and explore Alaska, truly one of the last great American wildernesses. Explore more about the expedition through photographs and insights shared in Treks & Trails and Beyond Treks & Trails, and please contact us with any questions.

Wrapped in Serenity XplorMor

Past Expedition Dates: August 2010, March 2011, June-December 2012, August – December 2013