Inyo National Forest

Inyo National Forest is a California gem. The park, established by President Theodore Roosevelt on May 25, 1907, has grown more than ten times its initial size over the last century to encompass 2.1 million acres in the north-western region of California. The number of visitors to the park has also grown from a 1924 register which listed “77,798 visitors to Mono National Forest and 67,425 to Inyo National Forest” to the current count at almost 4 million. With visitors in the millions, this national forest is the most visited national forest in California.

R.W. Ayres wrote in 1940 that the origin and meaning of Inyo may be attributed to the Paiute Peoples, and translate to “the dwelling place of a great spirit.” This is a perfect description for a land encompassing the highest peak in the continental USA, Mount Whitney, one of the world’s deepest valleys, Owens Valley, the world’s oldest living tree, a Bristlecone Pine named Methuselah, the second oldest lake in North America, Mono Lake, and the world’s largest Jeffrey Pine Forest. Inyo is also home to the Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep and the California Golden Trout. The park has and continues to prove itself as a leader in conservation and protection of our natural world, earning the title “Gem of California.”

Explore the incredible wilderness and natural wonders in Inyo National Forest: Big Pine Creek North Fork TrailLundy Canyon TrailMono LakePanum CraterRainbow Falls and Devil’s Postpile and on the outskirts Kayaking Mono LakeBodie Ghost Town and Glacier Lodge.

Expedition Dates: October 2013, June 2014, June 2016.

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