Mono Lake

Mono Lake, lies in a 700 square-mile valley off Highway 395 just south of Lee Vining town in Mono County, California, is one of the oldest lakes in the western hemisphere. It lies 13 miles east of Yosemite National Park, and boasts spectacular views of  the  high Sierra Nevada Mountain range along its eastern shore. Mono Lake is a large yet shallow saline lake about 70 square miles in size. It was formed around 700,000 years ago. The lack of any outlet or run-off forces the lake to support high levels of salts. This creates a unique ecosystem and an amazing buoyancy for kayaks!

With South Tufa Trail and nearby Panum Crater filled with pumice and obsidian, Bodie Ghost Town and canyons lined with hiking trails to waterfalls, streams, ponds and even glaciers, the expansive area around Mono Lake is a nature lover’s wonderland.

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Entering Inyo National Forest XplorMor Inc
Panum Crater Hike XplorMor Inc
Panum Crater Hike XplorMor IncCopyright © XplorMor Inc [#D7000;#california;#castateparks;#getoutthere;#mono lake;#nikon;#xplormor;California crater;California state parks;D7000;Expedition Inyo;Lee Vining;Nikon photo crater;North America;Northern California;Panum Crater;XplorMor;XplorMor-Shot;california;california national parks;castateparks;crater hike;crater hiking;crater western North America;hike crater;inyo crater;inyo landmark;inyo recreation area;inyo rock formations;inyo trail;inyo travel;inyo traveling;mono county;mono lake;mono rock crater;natural monument mono;natural wonder crater;natural wonder inyo;natural world crater;nikon;obsidian;panum crater traill;photo expedition inyo;places to see in inyo;pumice;sightseeing inyo;wonder;xplormor photo expedition]
Kayak Excursion on Mono Lake XplorMor IncCopyright © XplorMor Inc [#D7000;#california;#castateparks;#getoutthere;#mono lake;#nikon;#south tufa trail;#sunset;#tufa;#xplormor;California state parks;Civil;Content;D7000;Expedition;Exterior;Fall;H2O;Landscape;Location;Nature;North America;Northern California;October 2013;Pond;Rural;Shore;XplorMor;XplorMor-Shot;california;castateparks;country;flora;fresh water;hike;hiking;journey;lake;lake shore;mono county;mono lake;natural monument;natural wonder;natural world;nikon;outdoors;outside;park;park ranger;pastoral;photo expedition;places to see;public property;recreation area;river;rock formations;rustic;salt water;scenery;scenic;south tufa trail;sports;state parks;stone;sunset;trail;travel;traveling;trek;trekking;trip;tufa;tufas;united states;water;western North America;wonder;xplormor photo expedition]

Expedition Date: October 2013, October 2014.

View Panoramas of this pristine California lake, and continue exploring the incredible wilderness and natural wonders of Inyo National Forest: Big Pine Creek North Fork TrailLundy Canyon TrailPanum CraterRainbow Falls and Devil’s Postpile and on the outskirts Bodie Ghost Town and Glacier Lodge.

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