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Xplor Florida focuses on the southernmost state of the continental United States. Florida’s natural world offers an exceptional scenery from its Everglades, or “River of Grass”, to magnificent cloud formations and lightning storms to a diverse wildlife uniquely its own. There are beautiful clear turquoise blue waves crashing on white sand beaches, waterways lined with Mangroves, lakes the size of small countries and a chain of islands with many places to discover, paddle, dive and snorkel.

The variety of wildlife is abundant, including iguanas, alligators, birds, turtles, raccoon, deer and fish. Yet due to metropolitan growth, much of the Everglades ecosystem was threatened by the early 1900s. In fact only a fifth of the original Everglades remains in tact. Thankfully its importance was recognized, and protections were put in place. In 1947 Everglades National Park was founded to preserve the remaining area, and reverse previous damages. Today the Everglades is not only a national park, but is also a World Heritage Site, International Biosphere Reserve, a Wetland of International Importance, and specially protected under the Cartagena Treaty.

Florida Destinations:

Explore more of Florida’s natural world and cultural landmarks through XplorMor Expedition photographs from the untamed and endangered Everglades National Park to the mysterious Coral Castle to the beautiful sculpted landscapes of Morikami Japanese Gardens.

Expedition Dates: 2013 – 2016, inquire for 2017

Everglades National Park XplorMor Inc
Morikami Japanese Gardens
Everglades National Park XplorMor Inc

Explore more XplorMor World Wide Photographic and Terrain Expeditions, and delve deeper into the journey through Xplorer Journals written by our team and guest contributors. These are first-hand accounts from the expeditions, offering tips, insights and stunning photography. Then discover our web and print ready images to enhance your publications.

Please contact us for your future expeditions and worldwide explorations. No project is too big or too small… we enjoy them all! It’s about getting out there and appreciating our world and feeling the impact on our spirit from exposure to the magnificent world around us.  

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