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XplorMor: An intention to get out there, to travel, and to explore in order to discover the Peoples and places of this dynamic planet.

XplorMor Team aims to inspire others by following and promoting this adventurous philosophy through coordinated expeditions, engaging photographs, personal articles, news-worthy and informative publications and shared insight gained on these extraordinary once in a life time journeys. Between our Team members, 60 countries have been explored, documented and photographed. Our expeditions have led us to journey across the globe from the United States, Canada and Mexico to Costa Rica, Panama, Chile, Peru and the Galapagos Islands to Iceland, Europe and the Middle East to Russia, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan.

Xplor other destinations through collaboration with XplorMor. Until the adventures are detailed, this page offers a photographic overview of expeditions to other amazing destinations. Our Xplorer Journals also present first-hand accounts of these amazing journeys written by team members and guest contributors. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss a future collaboration.

Click on the photos to read excerpts from Xplorer Journals that will take you from finding pictographs in California to trekking Mount Everest for a spectacular sunrise to trail blazing in Florida's Big Cypress Preserve:
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Bali to Bangkok by Robert Varney XplorMor Inc

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