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Zapata National Park, Cuba Julia ThomsenCopyright © XplorMor Inc. [Cienaga de Zapata National Park;Cienega Occidental de Zapata;Cuba;Cuba Beach;Cuba Entomology;Cuba Entomology Research Expedition 2015;Cuba Expedition;Cuba Matanzas;Cuba Peninsula de Zapata Playa Larga;Cuba Photo;Cuba Research;Cuba Rising;Cuba Zapata;Explore Cuba;Matanzas Province;Parque Nacional Peninsula de Zapata;Peninsula de Zapata;Playa Larga;Playa Larga Cuba;Ramsar site;Republic of Cuba;UN Biosphere;United Nations Biosphere Cuba;World Heritage Site;World Heritage Site 1801;XplorMor Cuba Entomology Research Expedition 2015;Zapata Peninsula;cuba insects;national park;zapata swamp]

Our Work highlights XplorMor efforts to inspire the global community to explore our dynamic planet, to seek out opportunities to preserve and conserve its wonders, to build community between cultures, and to share the journey through archival photography and scientific documentation. As avid outdoors people our photography covers landscapes, wildlife, Peoples, monuments, and sites from the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Central America to Europe, Russia and Asia. Our aim is to promote the preservation of our world, cultures, scientific and natural heritage through photography and written documentation. To date, our photographs and collected data have been used for international map publications, journal articles, travel guides, ebooks, calendars and photographic archives including several supporting UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Most recently we traversed the Republic of Cuba to aid Biologists from the University of Georgia and Professors from the University of Havana with documenting Cuban insects. Through our work, we wish to inspire others from around the globe to get out there, photograph, explore more and share!

Our Work Highlights:

Portfolio and Publications

Scientific endeavors such as photographic field surveys for organizations from OurPlace, ITMB, the Florida Trail Associationand the University of Georgia’s Entomology Department. View our work on Cuba.

World Heritage

photography and documentation of cultural, historical and natural locations around the world to promote preservation and create an archival record for future generations

Volunteer EffortsWildlife Field Surveys

 XplorMor supports various non-profit organizations, projects and organizations, and encourages discovery and documentation of our world’s wildlife. Explore Wildlife Sightings and our Volunteer Efforts, and learn how you may get involved.

XplorMor International Non-Profit Organization:

XplorMor International Non-Profit Organization offers the opportunity to expand our work and our vision. The aim is to collaborate with other non-profits, institutions of higher learning and other companies and individuals with shared focus to expand the record of scientific documentation, archaeological discovery, and observation of natural and social human history. Specifically oriented expeditions and projects will be designed to reach these goals, including but not limited to exploring and research in remote locations, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and biological field surveys. Contact XplorMor to get involved.

XplorMor Cuba Julia ThomsenCopyright © XplorMor Inc [Cuba;Cuba 2015;Cuba Entomology;Cuba Entomology Research Expedition 2015;Cuba Expedition;Cuba Expedition 2015;Cuba Historic District;Cuba Old Town;Cuba Photo;Cuba Research;Cuba Rising;Explore Cuba;Habana;Habana Vieja;Havana;Havana Vieja;Old Havana;Old Havana Cuba;Republic of Cuba Photo;UNESCO;UNESCO World Heritage Site;United Nations Biosphere Cuba;World Heritage Site;XplorMor;XplorMor Cuba;XplorMor Cuba Entomology Research Expedition 2015;XplorMor Republic of Cuba]
XplorMor Studio

Inspired by our work? Contact us for a future expedition. No project is too big or too small… we enjoy them all! It’s about getting out there and appreciating our world. It’s also about feeling the impact on our spirit from exposure to this magnificent planet, and searching for continued means to preserve it for future generations.  

Explore more XplorMor World Wide Photographic and Terrain Expeditions, and delve deeper into the journey through Xplorer Journals written by our team and guest contributors. These are first-hand accounts from the expeditions, offering tips, insights and stunning photography. Then discover our web and print ready images to enhance your publications.