Project Shadow

Project Shadow had the XplorMor Community chasing shadows across the Globe!

Project Shadow took place on the Equinox, September 22, 2013. Over 1000 people from more than 50 countries joined the event. Photos were posted from 30+ of those countries, and 20+ states in the USA. Many more participated through “likes” and comments.

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Bodie Ghost Town XplorMor IncCopyright © XplorMor Inc [#D7000;#california;#castateparks;#getoutthere;#nikon;#xplormor;Bodie;Bodie Ghost Town;Bodie Museum;Civil;Content;D7000;Expedition;Exterior;Landscape;Location;Museum;North America;Northern California;October 2013;Rural;Sierra;Sierra Nevada Mountain Range;Sierra Nevada Mountains;Sierra Nevadas;XplorMor;XplorMor Studio;XplorMor-Shot;california;california gold;canyon;country;ghost town;gold;gold mine;high sierras;hike;hiking;journey;landmark;mine;mining;mining town;mountain;mountains;nikon;old west;outdoors;outside;park;park ranger;photo expedition;places to see;public property;recreation area;rock formations;rocks;rustic;scenery;scenic;sightseeing;sports;times passed;times past;trail;travel;traveling;trek;trekking;trip;united states;western North America;wild west;xplormor photo expedition]
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Animals, Objects, Shadows in the SkyShadow People, Sihouette PeopleWorld Around Us

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Coral Castle, Florida, USA
Peaceful Solitude XplorMor IncCopyright © XplorMor Inc [Beach;Bird;Landscape;Nature;XplorMor;california;natural world;nikon;ocean;sea;seagull;sunset]
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Information about Project Shadow:

Project Shadow aims for participants to post photos of shadows on the September Equinox when the “Earth is not tilted toward or away from the Sun and the length of the day is the same at all points on the Earth’s surface.”   The goal is to capture shadows around the planet on a single day as seen through each person’s perspective, and to promote getting out there and sharing the experience through photography.  A shadow could be of a building, your cat, a tree, you… possibilities are endless… get as creative as you wish!  See links below for examples of shadow photography.

The reason for participating is to have fun.  It’s about coming together as a community and sharing our vision, creativity and a moment of our day.  The photos may also allow us to see other parts of the world.   And, if the weather is bad and shadows cannot be seen, add some innovation.

Everyone is welcome.

If you would like to be in the image, that’s your choice!

Your photo should be posted either in this event or on the XplorMor Facebook page (  Please note: When the project day is over, photos will be moved into a gallery on the FB XplorMor page, and featured at

Information to include with your photo post:

  1. Shadow description.  For example, me standing on the beach or shadow of a Sequoia tree, etc.
  2. Location photo taken, including city and country
  3. Title of image (if applicable)
  4. Any other information you would like to share

For examples of Shadow Photography:

For frequently asked questions, rules and other notes visit FAQs.

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XplorMor Studio
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Inspired? Contact us for a future expedition or project. No project is too big or too small… we enjoy them all! It’s about getting out there and appreciating our world and feeling the impact on our spirit from exposure to the magnificent world around us.  

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